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Hi and welcome to Best Career Picks!  I’m Laura and we’re on a mission to give you factual and updated information on top paying jobs in different fields.

We know that money is an important factor for a lot of job seekers no matter what industry they’re in. If you want to have the best of both worlds and work a job with a high pay then this site should be your go-to resource. We have featured a list of jobs that pay premium salaries.

These are some of the jobs that pay well this 2017. We also made sure that we’ve included something from different industries and not just your typical high-paying industries. We’ve outlined each job to include an average salary. These careers pay well and are also fulfilling job paths for many. As with most jobs, you’ll be required to gain experience and climb through the ranks in order to achieve your highest earning potential.

Many of these careers also come with an extended list of requirements. So take note that you might need qualifications such as advanced degrees, specialized skills in the industry you’re applying for. Take note that some of the requirements will require years to get.

Best Career Picks’ Mission and Vision

Best Career Picks was established with the aim of helping today’s crop of incoming students and professionals make the best possible decision about their careers. Each profession lists job descriptions, educational requirements, training information, employment projections, salary, and more.

Whether you’re deciding on what program to take in college or what career path to pursue, Best Career Picks can help you assess the different options available to you.

We are not affiliated with any institutions or companies so you can rest assure that all information provided here is objective as can be. The information we provide here also reflects the latest trends and statistics from reputable sources to make sure you’re only getting the most accurate data.

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